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Powder Technology Laboratory welcomes participants of International Conference Sintering 2008 co-chaired by Dr. Olevsky and held in La Jolla, CA. Gordon Brown, Evan Khaleghi, and Dmitry Glozman made presentations at Sintering 2008.


Dr. Olevsky made a presentation on “SDSU Modeling of Fabrication of Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics” at the the San Diego Chapters of IMAPS | ACerS | IEEE. The presentation was held at Ferro Electronics Co, Vista, CA.


Dr. Olevsky took part in the Materials Science and Technology 2008 Conference and Exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA.


Dr. Olevsky’s talk on “Novel Manufacturing Principles for Fabrication of Advanced Composite Materials” was presented at the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Metals.


Powder Technology Laboratory welcomes Cristina Garcia, a new student in the SDSU - Clairmont Graduate University, JDP PhD program in computational science, as well as international exchange students: Ignacio Fernandez (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain), Arnaud Chaigne and Vincent Desperiere (Engineering University, La Rochelle, France)


Congratulations to student/lab member William Bradbury on recieving a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Mechanical Engineering and entering the Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering program at SDSU.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the 2008 World Congress on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Mateirals in Washington, DC, from June 8-12.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the 10th International Conference on Ceramic Processing Science in Inuyama, Japan, from May 21-29.


Congratulations to Dr. Olevsky for his elevation to the rank of a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


The PTL Lab is visited by Drs. Maximenko and Kuzmov from the Frantsevich Institute of Materials Science in Kiev, Ukraine.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the 32nd International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, in Daytona Beach, FL, from January 27 to 31.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the NSF CMMI Grantees Conference in Knoxville, TN from January 6 to 10.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the 13th International Materials Engineering Conference in Haifa, Israel, from December 8 to 10, 2007


November-December 2007: The PTL Lab is visited by Drs. Maximenko and Mikhailov from the Frantsevich Institute for Materials Science, Kiev, Ukraine


Dr. Olevsky presented a talk on “Novel manufacturing principles for fabrication of advanced composite materials” at the American Chemical Society Local Chapter meeting in Rancho Bernardo, CA


Dr. Olevsky participated in the 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Advanced Ceramic in Glass Materials in Shanghai, China, from November 10th to 14th.


Evan Khaleghi attended IMAPS 2007 in San Jose, CA, on November 13th and 14th. His trip was sponsored by the local San Diego Chapter of IMAPS.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the MS&T '07 Conference in Detroit from September 16-20. He presented a talk on "Mechanics of Densification in Spark-Plasma Sintering".


Dr. Olevsky participated in the 5th China Conference on High-Performance Ceramics, in Changsha, China, from May 10-15.


PhD Student Evan Khaleghi was selected to participate in the International Research Experience in Sintered Materials (IRESM) program this summer in Madrid, Spain.


Dr. Olevsky has been appointed Director of the SDSU-UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in the Engineering Sciences.


Dr.Olevsky presented on Spark Plasma Sintering at the meeting of the local chapter of the American Society of Metals.


The PTL Lab is visited by Dr. A. Maximenko and Dr. A. Maidaniuk from the Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science in Kiev, Ukraine. They will be visiting from January to February, 2007.


Dr. Olevsky participated in the International Conference on Non-Isothermal Phenomena and Processes in Yereven, Armenia, from November 27th to December 1st.


Dr. Olevsky particpated in the World Congress on Powder Metallurgy in Busan, South Korea, from September 25th to October 6th.


Now another update!

Dr. Olevsky is back from Europe and busy teaching again.

Eric Li, Gordon Brown and Eric Bruce were all speakers at the Powder Met 2006 Conference here in San Diego, and along with Xuan Wang had their papers published in the conference proceedings.

Evan Khaleghi is now a PhD Student as he is finishing his Masters degree.

We have two new PhD Students:

Chao Wei Wang from China and Yen Shan Lin from Taiwan.

Dr. Xuan Wang is now working for Intel in Phoenix,AZ.

Dr. Tiezheng (Eric) Li is now working for Control Components Inc. in Irvine, CA.

Congratulations to Himaja Jani for completing her Master's degree. She is now working for Qualcom.

Congratulations to Shinde Satayjit for completing his Master's degree.

Eric Bruce is now working for Samsung in Austin, TX.


Back updating again! We had a break in updates as Boris is in Kazhakstan, and Gordon is just getting up to speed on Dreamweaver.

There is a lot to tell.

Congratulations to Doctor Xuan Wang for defending his thesis, completing his PhD and getting a job with Intel in Phoenix!

Congratulations to Brian Schmaltz for successfully defending his thesis and preparing to finish up his Masters degree.

Congratulations to Tiezheng (Eric) Li for successfully defending his Doctoral Thesis.

Dr. Olevsky is on sabbatical in Europe for a few months, and new members are joining the lab.


Congratulations to Dr. Olevsky!

He is awarded the Albert W. Johnson University Research Lectureship. This prestigious honor is conferred in recognition of Dr. Olevsky’s outstanding achievements in research. He will present a public lecture on his research during SDSU month in March 2006. The lecture will be followed by a reception in Dr. Olevsky’s honor. In addition, his name will be inscribed on a plaque to be hung at a prominent location in the University and Dr. Olevsky will be named “Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering”.


From August 22 till September 9 Dr.. Olevsky is visiting University of Metz, France. During this time period Dr. Olevsky also participates in the International Conference “Sintering 2005” in Grenoble, France.


IMAPS (International Microelectronics and Packaging Society) featured the PTL in the recent issue of Advances Microelectronics.


Tiezheng (Eric) Li is going to Philadelphia to attend IMAPS 2005 from 9/26 - 9/29. San Diego Chapters of IMAPS sponsors his attendance.


On May 10th 2005, Student Chapter of IMAPS at SDSU and San Diego Chapter of IMAPS held a joint dinner meeting at Aztec Center at San Diego State University. Local IMAPS professionals joined the SDSU students and faculty members for 3 hours, with dinner, presentations and the lab tours. Tiezheng Li (Ph.D. candidate, President of Student Chapter of IMAPS at SDSU) presented his research on Ti-6-4-Al3Ti laminate composites, including the modeling and experimental results, and especially, discussed his research on the residual stress modeling for composites.Xuan Wang (Ph.D. candidate) presented his research on the fabrication of functionally graded material by electrophoretic deposition and microwave sintering. Dr. Eugene Olevsky discussed the optimization of low-temperature sintering of laminated ceramic components for wireless applications. 16 new student members were recruited on site and this event will be introduced in the Advancing Microelectronics Magazine.


April 9, 2005: Ph.D. student Xuan Wang takes part in All-CSU Graduate Student Research Competition in Sacramento, CA.

April 8, 2005: Our best wishes to Ph.D. graduate Dennis Ma, who assumes a Visiting Assistant Professor Position at the Pennsylvania State University.


March 22, 2005: Dr. Olevsky reports on "Agglomeration Phenomena in Sintering Nanopowder for Micro-PIM Applications" at the Powder Injection Molding Conference in San Diego.

March 13, 2005: Dr. Olevsky presents an invited talk on "Functionally Graded Ceramic-Metal Composites for Thermal Management Applications" at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Diego.


Feb. 13-16 Dr.. Olevsky and a PhD student T. Li participate in the Annual TMS Meeting in San Francisco


January 3-6, 2005 Dr. Olevsky participates in the NSF DMII grantees meeting in Scottsdale, AZ.


On November 19, 2004, a PhD student, Xuan Wang, successfully passed his Senate PhD Examination.


November 15-18: Dr.. E. Olevsky, B. Kushnarev, T. Li, D. Ma, and X. Wang participate in the 36th International SAMPE Technical Conference in San Diego. They present the reports on: "Modeling of Anisotropic Sintering in Porous Media" (speaker: B.Kushnarev), "Mechanical Behavior of Ti-6-4-Al3Ti Metal Intermetallic Laminate (MIL) Composites" (speaker: T.Li), "Synthesis of TiC-Ti Based Cermets via Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis and Quasi-Isostatic Pressing" (speaker: D.Ma), "Synthesis of Functionally Graded Nanomaterials" (speaker: X.Wang).

November 16: X. Wang presents a talk on "Preliminary Study of Synthesis of Composites by Electrophoretic Deposition and Microwave Sintering" at 37th International Symposium on Microelectronics (IMAPS 2004) in Long Beach, CA

October 15 - 12, 2004 Dr. Olevsky is visiting World Congress on Powder Metallurgy in Vienna Austria.


Boris Kushnarev has been selected from a large and strong pool of applicants to participate in the Fifth Workshop on the DOE Advanced CompuTational Software (ACTS) Collection, Enabling Technologies for High End Computer Simulations . The workshop will take place at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, August 24-27, 2004, in California.


Today, on July 2, one of the Dr. Olevsky's students, JunKun Ma, successfully defended his PhD thesis at UCSD.


May 21 – June 28, 2004 Dr. Olevsky will visit University of Metz, France as an invited Professor. He will collaborate with Prof. Molinari on the stability of sintering processes.


Boris Kushnarev will participate in the 4th Southern California Applied Mathematics Symposium on April 24, 2004. This symposium will be held in Harvey Mudd College in Clermont, California. Boris will present a poster related to his latest research activities.


Dr. German has a presentation on Net Shape Fabrication Using Advanced Powder Technology on 04.15.2004.


Dr. Olevsky organizes symposium on Characterization and Modeling to control sintering Ceramic Microstructure and Properties at the 106th Annual Meeting of the America Ceramic Society, Indianapolis, IN.


Today, PTL Research Group participated in The Applied Computational Science and Engineering Student Support (ACSESS) program. Dr. Eugene Olevsky, Denis Ma, Boris Kushnarev, Xuan Wang and Eric Li presented their posters and computer based presentations. There were many representatives from industry organizations, National Laboratories and Academia. President of SDSU Stephen L. Weber and deans of the Colleges of Sciences and Engineering made presentations. They emphasized the importance of the ACCESS event and the Computational Science and Engineering Programs for the American Science, Economy and Nation.

Boris Kushnarev 1 Boris Kushnarev 2
Boris Kushnarev 3 Boris Kushnarev 4

Dr. Eugene Olevsky is an invited key-note speaker at the TMS Conference in Charlotte, NC, March 14-18, 2004

Boris Kushnarev participated in the first round of Eighteenth Annual CSU Student Research Competition, which was held on 03.04.2004 at SDSU. The second round will be on April 30 – May 1, 2004 at California State University, Northridge

February, 2004

Dr. Shtern from the Ukraine Material Academy of Sciences is visiting PTL during the month of February. His research visit is supported by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Shtern is collaborating with Dr. Olevsky on agglomeration phenomena in nano-powder materials.

January, 2004

Dr. Randall M. German from Pennsylvania State University joined our research group during sabbatical leave. He will spend the 2004 Spring semester working at PTL in San Diego.

PDF viewer can be downloaded at [Download Adobe Reader]


The Powder Technology Lab is located at San Diego State University, E-120. PTL reserchers have access to a large lab with diverse characterization and powder processing equipment. In addition, computational opportunities with Solidworks, Abaqus Comsol and Matlab are available, as well as access to other engineering lab facilities and an on-campus SEM and TEM characterization lab and X-ray Analysis Lab.

Doctoral Students: Diletta Giuntini, Xialu Wei and Geuntak Lee.

Masters Students: Jeff Hoefer and Paramjot Singh.



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